Auto Dealership Video Monitoring

Auto dealerships are often targets of property damage and theft because of the high value of inventory that stays out on the car lot. Millions of dollars of vehicles in a parking lot leave your business exposed and often under-protected.

Hiring security guards to watch over your car lot seven days a week, 24-hours a day is expensive and human error can open you to more risk. Video monitoring works in tandem with your security personnel and other systems to protect your employees and customers better.

But you shouldn’t rely on video surveillance alone. Here are some of the risks associated with only using security cameras for car dealerships:

  • Camera Damage – Outside cameras are vulnerable to damage from weather or criminal activity. This damage can increase your security risks and cause gaps in recordings.
  • Over-Reliance on Cameras – Video cameras should not be your only security solution. They act as an extra layer of security and enhance your other security components, systems, and security personnel.
  • Privacy – Security cameras should only be installed in public areas such as work areas, parking lots, and showrooms, but never in a bathroom. Otherwise, it violates a person’s expectation of privacy.

Our innovative security solutions work well with their human counterparts and provide invaluable data in case of theft or vandalism. You can increase the chance of solving crimes on your property by easily sharing video footage with law enforcement and others.

Live video monitoring takes security at your dealership to the next level. This type of monitoring enhances the protection video cameras provide and allows you to catch security events as they occur, using live security operators who monitor your business 24/7. They review video footage and verify all suspicious events using human intelligence and cutting-edge video analytics.

Live video monitoring of your car dealership takes security a step further, deterring criminal activity by triggering audiovisual effects like two-way voice commands. Law enforcement patrols are another helpful preventative measure, but they can’t be on or near your lot all the time.

Professional criminals can steal automotive parts in the blink of an eye. Our cameras notify law enforcement as soon as they verify a threat and provide critical footage of crimes in progress.

Rest assured, someone is always watching your business and sending help when you need it the most.

For more information on auto dealership monitoring and smart security cameras, contact CityWide Security.