Apartment Video Monitoring

Multi-family residential complexes encounter unique security challenges because of the need to prevent access to specific areas by non-residents; while still allowing residents access to those areas. Maintaining a secure complex for residents and employees is of the utmost importance to protect everyone from crime and other problems.
We have unique security solutions that help protect your property while allowing the freedom and flexibility apartment managers and maintenance employees need to do their job. Here are some of the great features and benefits of apartment video monitoring.

Increased Security with Artificial Intelligence-Property damage and assaults are typical crimes that multi-residential complexes must contend with. Combine human intelligence and AI-capable cameras to maximize the security of your property to prevent lawsuits against you for negligence.

Live Video Monitoring- While installing security cameras is the first step, they don’t completely deter crime. Live video monitoring adds an additional layer of security and helps prevent crime.

Security cameras can’t work efficiently if no one watches the footage 24/7 to catch security events in real-time. With live video surveillance monitoring, our professionally trained security agents react immediately when something suspicious occurs on your property. They verify the events by reviewing video footage and can trigger deterrents such as two-way vocal commands and other audiovisual effects.

Live apartment video monitoring watches everywhere there is activity using human intelligence and AI through advanced video analytics. This is a proactive approach to apartment complex security and reduces your liability and prevents crime.

System Health Monitoring- System Health Monitoring ensures that your surveillance system is always online by notifying you of potential problems before they affect your security network. This monitoring significantly reduces downtime making sure your security system works when you need it.

Cloud Video Surveillance- Cloud video surveillance allows you to monitor your security cameras no matter where you are from your computer, smartphone, or tablet. You can even manage permissions and access without going into work. Smart security allows you to complete work related to your security network whether you’re on vacation or at home.

Virtual Doorman- Virtual Doorman replaces the need for you to hire someone to work as a doorman or concierge for your apartment complex. Provide premium services at an affordable price for convenience and added security.

Run access control reports so you can see all activity associated with entering and exiting your complex, so you always know what is going on.

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