Cannabis Video Monitoring Security

Cannabis businesses have unique security needs compared to other types of retail stores. There are compliance and legal requirements, as well as the need for robust physical security solutions. Today video monitoring is a key part of any security system for cannabis businesses.

In many states, local laws and regulations require cannabis dispensaries and grow operations to have video surveillance. There are strict guidelines on video capabilities. These often include minimum resolutions and the amount of time you must retain video, as well as placement of security cameras.

Deter24 provides peace of mind that your cannabis business is secure and protects your employees and assets. Video surveillance helps:

  • Enable mobile and remote monitoring so you can review footage no matter where you are
  • Protect your vaults and safes
  • Reduce internal and external threats
  • Proactively prevent crime
  • Ensure business operations are streamlined and efficient

Internal theft is becoming a more significant threat for cannabis businesses, and video monitoring helps ensure someone is always watching your facility or shop.
Security cameras can be placed to cover every part of your business and when suspicious activity occurs, your alarm system notifies security operators at the central monitoring station. There, agents review the video footage and verify if there is a true threat and take appropriate action, whether that’s giving commands via two-way audio or calling law enforcement.

Security cameras provide reliable evidence in case there is a crime, that helps law enforcement capture and prosecute suspects. Video surveillance makes it easy to share critical video footage with the people that need it.

Security camera footage also helps document things for your insurance company and speeds up claim processes. Having live video monitoring can even help reduce your insurance premium.

You can even set up video monitoring to improve cannabis plant care using sensors to detect changes in pH levels, temperatures, and humidity. You can set up notifications that alert you when conditions change in the grow environment so you can ensure your plants receive the best care for maximum growth.

Cannabis video monitoring is a cost-effective security solution to ensure your employees and investments are protected and to prevent crime. For more information on how video monitoring can help your cannabis business, contact Deter24.