Construction Monitoring

Construction sites are often challenging to secure because of their temporary nature, yet theft from these locations is common. There are two primary factors that affect which tools thieves will steal: mobility and value.

The cost of larceny from construction sites extends beyond the cost of equipment replacement. It costs more time and money to file insurance, and police reports, and contractors need to move tools from other sites. Also, there is a liability attached to property damage or crimes committed using those items.

Installing traditional security systems isn’t possible, but there are mobile video monitoring solutions that can help protect construction sites from theft and damage.
Mobile video monitoring allows you to install portable security cameras that act as stand-alone units with internet access to record every square foot of your site. They come ready to install, and you can deploy them quickly to secure your site easily.

These security cameras have multiple camera views and come with an audiovisual deterrent such as two-way audio. This deterrent allows the security operators at our monitoring station to use vocal commands to chase criminals off quickly.

When the cameras detect suspicious activity, they send a notification to the monitoring station. Then professional security agents can review the video footage and verify if there is a crime in progress. While attempting to deter suspects using audiovisual options, the monitoring station also notifies local law enforcement so they can respond, all while you’re in bed sleeping at home.

Quick notifications and a fast law enforcement response can catch crimes in progress, reducing property damage and almost completely eliminating theft.
This cost-effect security solution is much less expensive than hiring security guards to watch your property 24/7. Video monitoring can provide an extra layer of security to your construction site and enhance the security solutions you already have in place.

Deploying cloud video surveillance is perfect for the dynamic nature of construction sites and allows you to review video footage and receive notifications no matter where you are. Remote System Health Maintenance ensures that your security system is always online and working, so it’s there when you need it the most.

To learn more about how you can protect your construction site, contact Deter24.