Hotel and Hospitality Security

Staff and guest security are vital in the hospitality industry. Guests want peace of mind that their possessions and families will be safe. Even one criminal act on your property can diminish your reputation.

Your main goal is to give your guests a secure and welcoming experience. The key is to provide extraordinary service and protection without being obtrusive.
While employing security guards is a good strategy, it’s expensive to cover the entire property. You need eyes watching your business 24/7 and tailored security solutions that complement and integrate with the security systems you already have in place.

We’ll assess and evaluate your property and identify vulnerable areas that require advanced security solutions. Here are some of the services and systems you should consider for your hotel and hospital security.

Intelligent Video Surveillance

CCTV and video surveillance can watch and record activity throughout the hotel. But security cameras can’t be nearly as effective if no one watches the feed 24/7. Thankfully, advanced technology and AI allow you to install cameras that recognize suspicious activity and alert security, property managers, and other people who need to know.

Video Monitoring

Combine video monitoring with your other security systems for an extra layer of security for your hospitality business. Now our professional security operators can monitor your business from afar even while you sleep.

Once your security system detects suspicious activity, it alerts the central monitoring station where a security professional can review the video footage and verify the event. From there, they can notify law enforcement for a faster response.

Some surveillance systems even have two-way audio that allows security operators to warn people off of the property.

Inadequate security solutions leave you open to theft, vandalism, assaults, and other crime and lead to disastrous repercussions from injury to civil litigation. Contact Deter24 for more information on security for your hotel or hospitality business.