Healthcare Video Monitoring

Healthcare facilities have dynamic environments with many unique challenges compared to other businesses. They must strike a balance between a welcoming environment for patients and visitors while protecting everyone on the property and their valuables. Healthcare facilities also must comply with strict regulations, rules, codes, and standards.

Since many hospitals and medical facilities are open 24/7, they need robust security solutions that safeguard the important things. Video surveillance is a major part of any healthcare facility’s security plan. There are many benefits to using video surveillance in large complexes. Video surveillance:

  • Prevents and deters crime
  • Allows you to use cloud storage to save video recordings where anyone who needs to view and save the footage can no matter where they are
  • Increases staff and employee productivity
  • Resolve disputes between employees
  • Provides visual evidence of crimes for investigations
  • Prevents false claims that lead to civil suits

And one of the most important security solutions for healthcare facilities is remote video monitoring. Now hospitals all around the world are using video monitoring as a more efficient way of monitoring patients that are fall risks or that have a psychiatric condition.

Without video monitoring, hospitals and medical facilities must post one nurse to watch each patient separately. This method is an inefficient use of staff and employees.
Now hospitals are creating programs around remote video monitoring where one person can watch 10-12 patients simultaneously. All the hospital needs to do to monitor patients is mount security cameras on an IV pole or something similar that works well for observing patients. These cameras provide technicians and nurses with a live video and audio feed that allows them to both watch and hear patients from a central monitor.

If the patient under watch tries to get out of bed, the person monitoring can use a two-way speaker to tell the patient to wait until a nurse comes to help them.
Hospitals and medical complexes everywhere are taking their video surveillance to the next level with video monitoring. Monitor the patients you need to, without reducing the staff levels elsewhere.

As securing facilities becomes more difficult, intelligent video surveillance and monitoring gives you more capabilities than ever before. These include video analytics, emergency and visitor management, and contemporary video surveillance strategies. Plus, this security solution integrates with the security systems you already have in place.

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