Mobile Video Guarding

Are you tired of the theft of supplies and equipment from worksites or company property? Or are you frustrated over the hefty price tag and human error that comes with hiring professional onsite guards?

Then, remote video guarding is the perfect security solution.

Hiring enough security guards to cover the property 24/7 is expensive, while our mobile video cameras can save you as much as 60%-90% over other security cameras.

These security cameras were built with portability in mind. They are ideal for remote or temporary work sites such as construction, utility, or equipment sites, as well as other places where installing a traditional security system isn’t possible.

These video cameras come ready to install easily and can deploy quickly to wherever you are. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for installment like traditional camera systems.

Mobile video guarding has features that stand-alone security guard services cannot provide. Our mobile cameras have multiple camera views and two-way audio for issuing vocal commands once agents at the central monitoring station identify a threat.

Hire fewer guards and let mobile video guarding partner with your human guards to enhance security on your property or worksite.

Pricing for our services is clear-cut without hidden costs. Each camera can run self-sufficiently without the hassle of a complicated installation and comes with internet access for remote video monitoring.

Once our security agents identify a genuine threat in progress through video verification, they contact local law enforcement for a fast response.

When the professional security agents identify threats in progress using video verification, they contact local law enforcement for a faster response.
Rest easy knowing that your property or work site has complete protection with professional monitoring and remote video verification.

For more information on mobile video guarding, contact Deter24.