Remote Guarding

In 2018, approximately 1,230,149 break-ins were reported in the United States, and unfortunately, many larceny cases end up being inside jobs. Every year businesses lose around $50 billion annually in just employee theft alone, and that figure skyrockets when you add in property damage and thefts committed by people who aren’t employees.

Modern technology now helps protect your business from a distance. Remote guarding is a cost-effective, efficient way of protecting your property 24/7. Deter24 provides real peace of mind knowing that your property and assets are secure.

Remoting guarding systems connect sensors, analytics, and surveillance cameras for complete coverage of your business with remote security agents standing in as virtual guards.

For a fixed monthly fee, our highly trained security professionals provide around the clock monitoring, watching for incidents before they happen. Our innovative security cameras offer complete protection and simultaneous monitoring like no human can. People can make mistakes or fall asleep while video cameras never do.
You would need to hire more security guards to cover the same area as efficiently as remote guarding can. Remote guarding is one more layer of security that works with the resources you already have in place.

When suspicious or unusual activity occurs, your security system notifies security agents who immediately review video footage and monitor for changes. This process allows them to verify whether the incident is a real threat.

With remote guarding, our security operators can respond to crime in real-time using two-way audio. If there is an active threat, they contact law enforcement or notify security personnel on the property.

Reduce false alarms and get assistance from law enforcement quicker in the event that a threat is real. Then analyze the helpful data that your security system gathers so you can make changes as needed or evaluate and implement new security solutions.

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