Retail Video Monitoring

Retail video monitoring plays a vital role in loss prevention and solving larcenies in retail stores. Security cameras can also optimize the shopping experience for customers and increase your employees’ productivity.

Why Retail Stores Should Have Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Every year retail stores lose billions of dollars to shoplifting and employee theft. Investing in intelligent video surveillance and monitoring solves many problems associated with common theft. Common retail crimes include:

  • Shoplifting
  • Sweethearting
  • Flash Mob Theft
  • Employee Theft
  • Organized Retail Crime

According to the National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP), 1 in 11 people will shoplift at some point in life. Every year retailers lose more than 13 billion dollars to shoplifting. Carefully placed security cameras can help reduce retail crime and increase the likelihood of solving crimes that do occur in your store.

Remote video monitoring and cloud storage allow you to monitor your business from afar. Managers can view live video feeds, search for video footage, and share it no matter where they are. Loss prevention officers often don’t work 24/7, so the ability to view live feeds is critical. This technology is also helpful for retail chains as store owners and managers can view video feeds from all stores.

Retail security systems also help store managers control inventory by providing the tools necessary to reliably track retail activity and traffic. Store managers can also audit inventory transferred across multiple store locations.

Using security cameras also helps prevent employee theft by allowing management to view video surveillance to identify these crimes. It helps catch employees stealing merchandise or money quickly.

Video monitoring helps guard your business after hours as well. Every time your security system detects suspicious activity it alerts the monitoring station. There a trained security agent reviews the footage and verifies if there is an active threat. They can then use voice technology to make announcements that often scare off criminals. The monitoring center can also notify law enforcement for a quick response.

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