System Health Monitoring

The health of your security systems is incredibly important since it protects your business, visitors, and employees. Power outages and system failures pose significant risks to your security network, leaving you open to cyberattacks or physical threats as well as internal theft.

With System Health Monitoring, we monitor your security system in real-time to make sure that all your equipment is working 24/7. Deter24 notifies you of past and current issues with your video cameras, access control panels, and network video recorders as well as your IP-based equipment and system. But more importantly, it provides recommendations on how to prevent future issues that may affect your security system.

You’ll know when your hard drive or any other component is pending record retention changes, equipment tampering or failure, or network outages.

Get immediate alerts and regular monthly or weekly reports on your complete security network infrastructure. Receive notifications when your hard drive starts failing so you can back it up and repair it, eliminating or significantly reducing system downtime.

View images of your cameras daily so you can compare them to reference images. Then you will know that the video quality of your security cameras hasn’t been tampered with or degraded.

Set up and monitor notifications for minimum storage requirements on your video recorders to make sure you remain in compliance with both government regulations and business policies.

System Health Monitoring analyzes your entire system and uses diagnostic information such as camera performance, record retention, hard drive health, and network connectivity to make sure everything is working efficiently. The alerts the system sends prevents system downtime saving you money and wasted time.

This service provides peace of mind knowing someone is always monitoring your security system to ensure peak performance.

For more information on how System Health Monitoring can help your business, contact Deter24.