Virtual Doorman

Paying for 24/7 doorman coverage at your building or complex can be expensive, but you need someone to monitor who comes and goes around the clock every day. You need a secure access control system with remote monitoring that allows authorized people in and keeps the wrong people out.

A virtual doorman acts just like a real front door attendant and offers the same services for significantly less money. Use the latest access control technology for a more personalized service with security solutions to fit every need.

So, how does a virtual doorman service work? It’s a security system that integrates with your current access control and video surveillance systems and allows access to residents, deliveries, and guests. A virtual doorman service even helps residents who get locked out of the building.

This efficient service has many elements, such as access control and intercom equipment, as well as security cameras and digital CCTV. These tools help the security professionals who monitor your build 24/7 with the data they need to monitor all access activity and operate doors and cameras remotely. These operations know everything that’s going on with your property.

This security system is user-friendly for guests, management, and residents. All someone needs to do is press a call button to be connected to security agents at the monitoring station. It offers a high-end amenity at an affordable price for all.

If your access control system uses mobile credentials, your security system allows residents to send temporary access links to visitors so they can get into the building easily. The system records when guests enter and when they leave so you always know who is coming and going from your building. A virtual attendant also works with the rest of your security system to help with everyday building maintenance and operations. Thus, streamlining communications between the systems and overseeing all service calls.

Also, you can run reports on access activity to see patterns and identify possible problems.

With a virtual doorman, there’s no need to run to your complex to let someone in. You can manage things from afar after-hours, reducing your need to hire more employees and property managers.

Now everyone can afford to have a doorman while still benefiting from innovative security technology.

For more information on how your building can benefit from a virtual doorman, contact Deter24.