School Video Monitoring

Schools face many challenges, as today’s threat environment is constantly changing. The safety of students, faculty, and staff is of the utmost importance, and school video monitoring provides a cost-effective security solution.

Using intelligent video surveillance allows schools to develop safety and security policies that identify real-life threats and suspicious activity to minimize the potential impact on staff, students, and faculty.

Here are some of the reasons to install security cameras and utilize video monitoring in your school.

It’s a Cost-Effective Security Solution

Our surveillance technology integrates with the cameras you already have to save money. You can manage your video easily with cloud-based management functions, which reduce the need for multiple pieces of equipment on-site.

Video Analytics

Video analytics allow a proactive response versus a reactive response to threats and crime on school property.

Quick Response with More Information

Cloud video surveillance allows you to view live video feeds no matter where you are and provides users with real-time data to make decisions.

Security Cameras Prevent and Deter Misbehavior and Crime

School cameras don’t just protect your property; they discourage bad behavior. Placing security cameras in conspicuous places reduces vandalism and violence.

Video Monitoring

Controlling access is something schools struggle with as the threats they deal with become more complex. Positioning security cameras at all entrances and exits allows your staff to monitor all visitors. Security cameras ensure they sign in properly without hindering your students’ ability to move around campus freely.

Real-Time Video Alerts

Set up notifications for video surveillance, so you receive alerts whenever suspicious activity occurs on campus. It allows for a quicker response before situations escalate. These notifications are critical in active shooter events.

Update Your Security for Less Money

Video surveillance today offers ways to update your old legacy system for less without waiting until the next budget year. Updating allows you to get the latest technology for an affordable cost.

Video monitoring adds an extra layer of security with a team of professionals watching over your property 24/7. And video-voice technology allows operators to chase suspicious people away from your school.

For more information on how Deter24 can create a customized approach to security for your school, contact us today.