Parking Lot Video Monitoring

Parking lots are high traffic areas that are often common places for criminal activity such as vandalism, assault, carjacking, and theft. The remote location and poor lighting in parking lots make them a prime location for crimes of opportunity. Parking lot video surveillance is an excellent security solution ensuring someone is always watching 24/7.

Why Parking Lot Video Monitoring is Essential

Many people think parking lot security isn’t necessary, but it’s essential to ensure that employees and visitors are safe and to safeguard your property. Parking lots have many vulnerable areas for crime and loitering. Along with installing bright lighting to prevent dark spaces for criminals to hide in, video surveillance and monitoring can ensure someone is always watching your parking lot.

Benefits of Parking Lot Video Monitoring

There are many benefits to installing security cameras and adding video monitoring to your parking areas.

Increased Safety for Everyone

Customers and employees are the most important aspects of your business. Providing them with peace of mind that their vehicle is secure in your lot and that they are safe is incredibly important. Enhanced protection fosters loyalty and trust.

Prevent Car Theft

Dark parking lots are perfect places for crimes of opportunity such as carjackings, vandalism, and theft from vehicles. Visible security cameras alone can deter some crime, and the video footage helps law enforcement identify suspects and solve crimes on your property. Video monitoring also helps prevent crime, and voice technology helps eliminate loitering and other problems.

Reduce Liability

Accidents and injuries are inevitable in your parking lots. Whether it’s a traffic crash or personal injury, video surveillance is critical to verify events and avoid costly liability claims and lawsuits.

With video monitoring, whenever suspicious activity occurs in your parking lot, your video surveillance system notifies the central monitoring station. A trained security professional then reviews the footage and verifies if there is a true threat and notifies law enforcement.

As a result, police response is quicker, increasing the odds that they can catch the crime in progress. Also, alarm operators can give vocal commands using voice technology that often chases criminals off before they can hurt anyone or steal anything.

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